{Dog Sitting Gone Wrong}

ME: (staring at “Kennel  —>” sign as we pull into the parking garage at Universal CityWalk) Kennel? THE BOY: Yeah, people leave their puppies here so they can walk around. ME: O___O THEY DO??!? HIM: … y-e…e-e-s… ME: Let’s go free them! And that’s how this happened. Enjoy your day! Thank you!

{Life is Alright when You’ve Got Friends}

So, I’m having a hard time of life right now. I feel very exposed and vulnerable typing this, but I haven’t been accepted into any of the grad schools I’ve heard back from (granted, I still have three to hear back from, so maybe of them will be THE ONE) and I just got word that the press which was going to release my novel for serial publication won’t after all, because they shut down.

Through all of this, I have learned I have THE MOST EXCELLENT friends.

{Ren Faire}

Hi everyone! Happy Monday / Saint Patrick’s Day! I went to a Ren Faire this weekend and it was MAGIC. I know it’s vaguely nerdy, but I really don’t care. I dressed up. . . Got my hair did Met a mermaid Watched people dance And in general had an amazing time. But the hilarious […]

{Not a Comic: Thoughts on being an Artist}

This is really just a brain dump, that I may or may not illustrate.

Sometimes, being a writer, and being smart, and being creative sucks and is so painful.