{And Accessories}

Hiya everybody, from the beautiful town of Naples, Florida! I’m at my roommate’s-brother’s-babysitter’s-third cousin‘s wedding! (Kidding, just my roommate’s brother’s wedding). And in the process, I must have tried on seven different shoe-dress combinations. It’s a family trait, mostly, but also, not gonna lie, kinda a lady thing too. That said, I imagine The Blob, […]


Hiya, everybody! Welcome to your weekend! Every weekend for me is normally planned anywhere from two to three weekends in advance. For example, next weekend’s a wedding, the following is devoted pretty fully to Family Time and, for some godforsaken reason, a 5k which now has me training like a crazy person.  And, often, when […]

{Backing into a Parking Space}

Happy Monday, all my wonderful readers! When I sit down to think of ideas for this blog, or indeed, any of my other projects–writing, art, cooking, typography, etc.–there are times when brilliant ideas come to me. Chicken soup with curry spices! Blob-o-ween! Death as a pregnant woman! There are other times, however, when I am […]

{and now it’s November}

Hi everybody! Did you guys like the extra Blob comic yesterday? I need this Friday so badly–it’s been another super exhausting, very long week. But, at the end of it, it is lovely to know the weekend is here! This little Blob is a pilgrim. Because, just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean that you […]