{Spanx: Reverse Feminism Part One}


Happy Monday!

You ladies and fellas and others know: we can’t talk about one side of the problem if you don’t talk about the other. (Plus I had a dude or two IM me and say, I alone can’t be the problem. No, fellas, you are not, singlehandedly the problem.) So let’s talk reverse feminism. This is part one, I had another comic planned, but going to the mall this weekend prompted this topic becoming a two-parter.

The stocking and body shapewear company, Spanx, has come out with a men’s line. I spotted it this weekend in the Dillard’s in the Oviedo Mall and my first reaction, quite honestly, was to bust out laughing. The idea was so silly to me! Men? In glorified hosiery?

And then I realized something much darker:

ONE: that the idea was silly to me, but that I don’t blink twice when I think about my fellow women shoving and shunting their beautiful, normal bodies into tiny pieces of nylon.

TWO: this is where we are now, and I highly doubt many others find it silly.

Because, yes, I can write all I want about expectations of women to be constantly made up and in heels and always being looked at and all of that is WELL and TRUE. . .

But then there’s the fella-related half of humanity who is now being marketed

and, oh, yeah,
“make-your-dude-smell-like-a-dude-and-not-a-lady” scent stuff

And I have to wonder: did we cis, straight women create this? With metrosexuality? With our desire to make our men possess Heath Ledger level hotness?

Is this something humanity forces on each other? Did we ladies create metrosexuality as much as fellas may have started certain aspects of feminism?

I had hoped Spanx on men might create an open discussion. . .

. . .but maybe it’s just another door slamming on freedom of self.




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