Gotta keep that figure! Hey everybody! This post today is brought to you by all the Pilates regimen I’ve been designing for friends lately. I’ve really enjoyed it and am having a lot of fun being the source of everyone’s pain. Mwahaha. Hope you enjoy your day!

{There Can Only Be One}

Happy Monday, loveliest humans! I spent my Sunday afternoon hanging out at Central Florida’s Scottish festival. Yes, indeed, we do have one of those. It’s a bit pricey (admission is 15 on the cheap days), but really nifty: they have hurling, sheep throwing–no real sheep are used, clan tents, clan research, etc (I’m a Scott, […]

{Hulkin’ Out}

Happy Friday! My family is KNOWN for getting bad cases of the hangries. Like, you guys, REALLY BAD. This is why I carry granola bars in my purse and keep crackers in my desk drawer. The people closest to me know why–I get quiet, then cranky, then just straight up nonsensically rude. After awhile, it […]

{“Okay Google, Now. . .”}

Happy Monday everybody! Technology is funny. Every time I get a new phone, I feel like Mrs. Patmore when she gets a blender (Downton Abbey’s finally back and can we just say the Bateses are ADORABLE?). I recently got a new Moto X, which I love; all the new settings are so cool and it […]

{Too Early, Need Coffee}

Hey there everybody! So, I don’t know about any of my lovely readers, but enduring a five-day work week was definitely tough this week. Seriously. Most of the time, when my alarm went off this week, I glared at it like, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I haven’t worked all five days straight through […]

{They’re Everywhere!}

OK Hiya everyone! Happy Monday! This bloggy blog is inspired by all of the kitties living in my house at the moment–granted there are only two (my roommate’s and her new husband’s, respectively), and not four like this photo. The hilarious part is that they seem to be everywhere, any moment you turn around.  They’re […]