{Feminism, Part One}


Hey everybody! All right, ya’ll, I warned ya: the Blob is taking on some honest (as inspired by the brilliant Robot Hugs and the always courageous Brene Brown) stuff now. Today, feminism.

So here’s the “too long, didn’t read” version:

Just because a lady wears a skirt doesn’t mean you get to stare at her legs.
Just because she wears a tube top means you get to comment.
And comments on appearances aren’t always appropriate.

There’s also this video, which I LOVE—feminism from a dude? YES PLEASE.

Also, a couple of people I know run THIS twitter feed, which handles a lot of the similar issues discussed below, with some other rad, controversial topics.

The longer, frustrated word bubble of vulnerability is here:

I’m a lady.
I work in an office.
I wear makeup.
I wear heels.
I wear skirts.
Because I like to feel pretty.
For me.

For me.
Not for the janitor.
Not for the security guard.
Not for the other guys in the building.
Not for the macho guy in the gym.
Not for my male coworkers
(who, yes, occasionally make comments that I nervously laugh at,
because I’m just now learning how to stand the heck up for myself)
Not for my female coworkers
who make more comments about what I wear
than the male coworkers.


and not for my boo.
Whom I adore.
But let’s be honest. . .
He’s the kinda guy who thinks plaid is okay to wear with stripes.
True story.
(BUT he’s that kind of feminist-dude-man, which is wicked awesome
and he likes Downton Abbey.

No, I look good for me.

Again, learning to stand up for myself.

Which is why, when I wear a skirt,
I don’t want you looking at me like I walked outside wearing a sign that reads





I want you to hold me to the same level of respect you’d give your

Look at me and think


Look at me and think

“Good dresser”

Look at me and think

“Human being.”

Because that’s all I’m trying to be:

a human.

Feminism is not about down with the male establishment.

Feminism is about women
not tearing each other down
and about men
letting us share in their privilege.

Because we’re equal.

Not better.



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