{Life is Alright when You’ve Got Friends}


So, I’m having a hard time of life right now. I feel very exposed and vulnerable typing this, but I haven’t been accepted into any of the grad schools I’ve heard back from (granted, I still have three to hear back from, so maybe of them will be THE ONE) and I just got word that the press which was going to release my novel for serial publication won’t after all, because they shut down.

Through all of this, I have learned I have THE MOST EXCELLENT friends. Who are cool with offering to come over and sit with me. Who try to find me across the crowded Megacon. Who are okay with knowing I’m okay, but I need to sit at home, be alone, and just cry for a couple of hours.

This post is for them.

Thanks, guys.

You make it all better. Even when you can’t help except by being there, you do more than you know.

Enjoy your day.

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