{Ren Faire}


Hi everyone! Happy Monday / Saint Patrick’s Day!

I went to a Ren Faire this weekend and it was MAGIC.

I know it’s vaguely nerdy, but I really don’t care. I dressed up. . .


Got my hair did


Met a mermaid


Watched people dance


And in general had an amazing time.

But the hilarious thing was, anything that happens there, you kinds of just accept. Dude walks by as a storm trooper in a kilt, you kind nod and say, yup. That happened.


And then sometimes, you walk by a fairy, playing a fiddle… And you dance.


And that was my weekend. How was yours?

(Thanks to my good buddy Matt Caulder who is pretty bangerang himself but is also married to one of the coolest people I know for the photos).

Enjoy your day!


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