{Happy Friday Times!!!}

    Happy Friday, everybody!!! Oh my goodness, has it ever been a long week. Normally, I wouldn’t illustrate something this simple for a whole Blob comic, but oh my, do I ever need Friday at 5 o clock to be here! Additionally, there’s something cute about the Blob having a specified Friday dance. I […]

{What Does the Blob Say?- a Ylvis Parody}

Happy Friday, folks! For those of you very confused by this post, you clearly haven’t watched this video, What Does the Fox Say, which is my new favorite thing (thank you, Scandinavia, for starting very ridiculous trends). My roomie and I yell phrases from it at each other across the house, such as “You’re my […]


Happy Monday, everyone! You guys, I have great news: I got published! I’ve been working on my novel, Immor(t)ality, for about , oh gosh, it’s embarrassing to say how long (cough high school cough), and an excerpt of it is posted at  Fat City Review. I am so excited, you guys, this is big stuff […]

{Carmen Miranda}

I love this woman. Seriously, she’s amazing.  Carmen Miranda’s life story is just fantastic and she’s such a symbol for minorities and all of those good happy things. ALSO. She dances with fruit. FRUIT. On her head. Life dream. Wouldn’t the Blob look so cute with a fruit hat? Enjoy your day. Related articles Copacabana […]