{France Part Two: A PILE OF GLUTEN}

Hi Guys! Happy Monday!

So, snob alert, this is about to sound terrible, but I miss just-made bread.

{Housing Type Thingies}

  For those of you who know, my life is a little crazy right now: mostly coz i’m not quite sure where I’ll be living next September. I applied to grad schools and have yet to be accepted to one. Which, while terrifying, is exhilarating, and has really made my stand on my own two […]

{Happy Chappy}

HEYYYYYY Blob readers! I’m back from grad school sabbatical! I also was out with a terrible stress cold from said grad school applications, and now I’m (mostly) back to normal. I’m full of old family phrases that no one else knows or understands. For example, a large snack in between meals to tide one over […]

{Garage Sailing}

  Puns-puns-puns.  I love garage sale-ing. I think I’ve gotten some of my favorite things while garage sale-ing. As a little girl, my family and I would often go out, all jammed in our 1990 Ford Areostar, and lurk the neighborhoods. Often, I’d hear my parents muttering a common phrase, “What a bunch of GARBAGE!” […]