There’s no comic today, as I am busy exploring today! For those of you who don’t know, I’m on vacation right now! Wooo. Please enjoy below photo of my travels.


  Right now, this is kinda my life. Especially in regards to writing. One moment, I’ll be absolutely fine: absolutely, completely fine. And the next. . . EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS BETTER.   And then I’m the coolest person ever.   It’s a very odd state to be in. That’s all I’ve got this […]


Happy day-after-the-day-after Christmas! I hope your Christmas (holiday, perhaps, for those of you otherwise inclined) was lovely! This particular post is inspired by the fantastic film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where the title character finds himself in an exceedingly awkward karaoke situation which ends heart warmingly and… oddly? With Ben Stiller jumping on a […]

{Blob-o-ween #3}

Greetings, my spookily awesome friends! AHHHH. This guy is my absolutely FAVORITE thus far. He just turned out so gosh darn well! I’m so pleased. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a wonderful book, everyone. It’s a beyond fantastic commentary on human as monster and the monster himself is such a fascinating character. Granted, Mary Shelley did […]


Happy Monday, everyone! You guys, I have great news: I got published! I’ve been working on my novel, Immor(t)ality, for about , oh gosh, it’s embarrassing to say how long (cough high school cough), and an excerpt of it is posted at  Fat City Review. I am so excited, you guys, this is big stuff […]