{Adjusting to the States Again Part One}

  Hi guys! I wanted to say thank you for being so understanding as I get back on this time zone and get readjusted to everyday life back in the states. It’s very surreal. Being back in America felt very weird for about a week. Like, the most daily of things felt so very strange. […]


  Right now, this is kinda my life. Especially in regards to writing. One moment, I’ll be absolutely fine: absolutely, completely fine. And the next. . . EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS BETTER.   And then I’m the coolest person ever.   It’s a very odd state to be in. That’s all I’ve got this […]

{Bakery Dilemma}

    I often wonder about the every day clichés and phrases we use: why, such as, is “having” cake not qualified as eating it? After all, people ask what you had for dinner. Plus, I struggle often with not eating baked goods. I can turn down chips, fries, etc. But a delicious pink sparkly cupcake? […]