{Adjusting to the States Again Part Two}

Hi there, everybody! Happy Monday! Adjusting back to the time zone never takes me too long and this time was no real exception, even though the difference was six hours. I never had a day where I was just zonked out… except that one time I just randomly fell asleep at a brunch… …oh, and […]

{Home from France}

  Hiya guys! Welcome back to Blobiness as I welcome myself back to the good ole’ US of A. I had a blast, but not going to lie, it’s AWESOME to sleep in my own bed. There’s no place like home, right? That said, I’m completely exhausted and my body may or may not know […]

{They’re Everywhere!}

OK Hiya everyone! Happy Monday! This bloggy blog is inspired by all of the kitties living in my house at the moment–granted there are only two (my roommate’s and her new husband’s, respectively), and not four like this photo. The hilarious part is that they seem to be everywhere, any moment you turn around.  They’re […]

{Your Face Will Stick Like That}

Happy Monday after a very long and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and subsequent turkey left overs! Because of said long weekend, it was a teensy bit hard to wake up this morning, and very hard to do any kind of workout. But workout I did, because as cute as my […]

{And Accessories}

Hiya everybody, from the beautiful town of Naples, Florida! I’m at my roommate’s-brother’s-babysitter’s-third cousin‘s wedding! (Kidding, just my roommate’s brother’s wedding). And in the process, I must have tried on seven different shoe-dress combinations. It’s a family trait, mostly, but also, not gonna lie, kinda a lady thing too. That said, I imagine The Blob, […]

{Backing into a Parking Space}

Happy Monday, all my wonderful readers! When I sit down to think of ideas for this blog, or indeed, any of my other projects–writing, art, cooking, typography, etc.–there are times when brilliant ideas come to me. Chicken soup with curry spices! Blob-o-ween! Death as a pregnant woman! There are other times, however, when I am […]