There’s no comic today, as I am busy exploring today! For those of you who don’t know, I’m on vacation right now! Wooo. Please enjoy below photo of my travels. Advertisements


Happy day-after-the-day-after Christmas! I hope your Christmas (holiday, perhaps, for those of you otherwise inclined) was lovely! This particular post is inspired by the fantastic film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where the title character finds himself in an exceedingly awkward karaoke situation which ends heart warmingly and… oddly? With Ben Stiller jumping on a […]

{and now it’s November}

Hi everybody! Did you guys like the extra Blob comic yesterday? I need this Friday so badly–it’s been another super exhausting, very long week. But, at the end of it, it is lovely to know the weekend is here! This little Blob is a pilgrim. Because, just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean that you […]

{Blob-o-ween #9}

AHHHH! Happy Halloween! This is so very exciting! I’ve wanted to make this joke since I came up with this whole Halloween idea! To be perfectly honest, I’ve never actually seen the old school Blob film (due to my complete aversion to horror films). But I love old movies, old cinema, and everything about the […]

{Blob-o-ween #5}

Happy Friday, everyone! You made it through another hard week. Be proud of yourself! This little cute guy is brought to you by Brandon Frazier and all his yumminess (though I’m not sure he’s aged very well, poor fellow—neither him nor his career). I’m none too fond of The Mummy movies, but I have to […]

{Blob-o-ween #2}

    Hiya, everybody! Happy Monday! Did you have your coffee yet? This little guy is brought to you in honor of every guy ever who cares about the zombie apocalypse, but especially my friend, Chris, whose birthday is TODAY. This very moment! Happy Birthday, buddy. (Additionally, Blob Zombie rhymes with Rob Zombie, who does […]

{Blob-o-ween #1}

      Hello, darlings!! Happy October and happy soon-to-be-Halloween!   Growing up, we weren’t huge on Halloween. We went to Halloween fairs to play games and stay up late, which in my mind, was probably just as exciting. And we got probably more candy at this fair winning fair games (the kind of fair where they […]