{Adjusting to the States Again Part Two}

Hi there, everybody! Happy Monday! Adjusting back to the time zone never takes me too long and this time was no real exception, even though the difference was six hours. I never had a day where I was just zonked out… except that one time I just randomly fell asleep at a brunch… …oh, and […]

{On “French Price”}

  Hi from France! So, one of the most annoying things about being a lady is the assumption you need a guy to have an adventure or be fulfilled. People, mostly coworkers for some reason, seem to constantly be asking when you’re getting married or how your romantic life is or some other nonsense. Which […]

{They’re Everywhere!}

OK Hiya everyone! Happy Monday! This bloggy blog is inspired by all of the kitties living in my house at the moment–granted there are only two (my roommate’s and her new husband’s, respectively), and not four like this photo. The hilarious part is that they seem to be everywhere, any moment you turn around.  They’re […]

{Happy Chappy}

HEYYYYYY Blob readers! I’m back from grad school sabbatical! I also was out with a terrible stress cold from said grad school applications, and now I’m (mostly) back to normal. I’m full of old family phrases that no one else knows or understands. For example, a large snack in between meals to tide one over […]

{Blob-o-ween #1}

      Hello, darlings!! Happy October and happy soon-to-be-Halloween!   Growing up, we weren’t huge on Halloween. We went to Halloween fairs to play games and stay up late, which in my mind, was probably just as exciting. And we got probably more candy at this fair winning fair games (the kind of fair where they […]