{Home from France}

  Hiya guys! Welcome back to Blobiness as I welcome myself back to the good ole’ US of A. I had a blast, but not going to lie, it’s AWESOME to sleep in my own bed. There’s no place like home, right? That said, I’m completely exhausted and my body may or may not know […]


  Right now, this is kinda my life. Especially in regards to writing. One moment, I’ll be absolutely fine: absolutely, completely fine. And the next. . . EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS BETTER.   And then I’m the coolest person ever.   It’s a very odd state to be in. That’s all I’ve got this […]


  There’s not a single person out there that doesn’t have “that couple” in their facebook feed: the ones who only post photos of themselves with the other, comment constantly on each others’ photos, and write notes better kept private on each other’s walls. Perhaps it’s cynical, but there’s something about this behavior that just […]