{An Unexpected Stop}



Hi guys!

I have some happy and sad news. I’m really sorry to say, that after almost a year and a half of writing the Blob blog, I have to put the blog on hiatus for what might be some time. That might sound very sad, but I have a very good reason: I will be starting graduate school this summer! Actually, like, three weeks from now.

That seems fast, but keep reading:

Some of you know my story with graduate school applying. I applied to ten MFA programs all over the country. This application process spanned from late July to early January. So, you’ll understand the heartache when I say I didn’t get into any. I sweat over those applications and when faced with ten rejections, I wept for an hour. I keened. And, most importantly, I facebook grieved.

I’m glad I did, because the next day, I awoke to a message from Laura Hope-Gill, a woman I had interviewed for Prick of the Spindle, and am facebook-friends with. She told me about her program at this small, but excellent school that emphasizes kindness and narrative and the importance of a writer’s story. The program does not limit my specific genre, and is cheaper than my MFA. I can take classes online this summer! I can write poetry and learn about publishing! It sounds like something I’d love! It sounds like me! I was… skeptical. Because I was heartbroken. Because I’d just been told “NO” nine times in a row.

So I applied, not really convinced. Sure sure yeah yeah okay, here’s my resume. Yes, I put effort into the application, but mostly because I try to put effort into everything.

And then, I got excited. And then, I started, slowly, to tell people. And then, I turned in the application. And then, I started to get little emails from the Graduate Coordinator. Finally, I got the call. I got the call that I got in. I cried and jumped and did a white girl dance. I’m still overwhelmed, and I’m still a little dizzy.

I apologize to all my readers that you had no warning, but, really, neither did I! This is all really sudden (aka: the last two-and-a-half weeks). I’m scared and excited and seriously confused. But, this is the most beautiful thing about life. I really have never felt like any big changes in my life have been predictable. This came out of nowhere and I’m happy.

I will absolutely keep updating, just nowhere near as often, and not on a predictable schedule. I am doing this for my sanity. I have to make time for my classes and I have to keep up my work life and personal life still, so some things do need to go, time wise. I love all you guys so much and have really enjoyed providing art and fun and comics for you on a twice-a-week basis, but I’m doing this for me and my future. Please feel free to subscribe: this way, you guys will receive an email every time I do a random update.

Thank you so much for making this time a wonderful season in my life. I love you all so much.

Thank you. For everything.

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