{France Part One: BERETS ARE A THING}


Hiya guys! Happy Friday!

I know, I know you’re probably sick of me talking about this vacation. I know, you’re jealous and want my life (teehee, sorry, had to throw that in there). But my creative juices just get flowing in beautiful places and there were so many places where I thought: “I can just see the Blob doing. . .” So, please deal with me for maybe six or so more entries. Then it will be back to comics about my cat withdraws (my kitty is moving away and by my cat, I mean the-roommate-who-is-moving-to-Georgia-with-her-cat-who-has-grown-on-me) and weird stuff my roommates and I discuss.

So: berets. Totally a thing! I know right? I was so expecting them to be this weird Americans-think-we-do-this-but-we-totally-don’t thing, but then, during a game of “French or Foreign” with the lovely Miss Queen DPerk, I spotted a man wearing a beret. AND THEN he spoke French. Fluently, you guys, not some crappy tourist French like the French I was blatantly attempting to speak.

And then I got super excited.

Jacqui was not excited or convinced but whatever. Jacqui’s always not excited or convinced. :p

Enjoy your day and your weekend, my lovelies. Remember to have some of your own adventures!

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