{Adjusting to the States Again Part One}



Hi guys!

I wanted to say thank you for being so understanding as I get back on this time zone and get readjusted to everyday life back in the states. It’s very surreal. Being back in America felt very weird for about a week. Like, the most daily of things felt so very strange.

Also, do you guys know how BIG everything is over here? You guys, you guys, you guys, our streets are HUGE. Our airports are GIANT. I have room to walk and not bump into everyone. It is the most odd thing.

And everything’s clean. The Mister picked me up from the airport and the first thing we did was do to Steak and Shake, which is what you want when you haven’t slept in twenty one hours. And the table was so sparkling. Not that France is dirty, not at all. It’s a very nice city. But it’s not antiseptically, antibacterially, obsessively clean like the States seem when you first get back into them.


Missed you all! Have a very lovely weekend.

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