{On “French Price”}



Hi from France!

So, one of the most annoying things about being a lady is the assumption you need a guy to have an adventure or be fulfilled. People, mostly coworkers for some reason, seem to constantly be asking when you’re getting married or how your romantic life is or some other nonsense. Which is annoying exactly because my relationship does not define me.

Hence, I drew this Blob.

One of my (very well-meaning) coworkers told me, after joking that I was going to get kidnapped in France like that one girl in “Taken,” “No, here, let me come up with a more positive possibility. You’ll meet a French Prince and he’ll sweep you off your feet!” Ignoring that France does not have royalty, that statement bothered me. Because it made such a sweeping (pun totes magotes intended) assumption that I needed a French man to sweep me off my feet. Which I don’t, a and b, I don’t need romance to have a good time. My romantic life, while is existent, is a part of my life, yes, but not the entirety. There are many things I enjoy doing, and only some of them involve my boyfriend. Not that I shut him out of areas of my life, but I do have areas which are entirely separate from him.

Like this trip, which I am having fun on because I’ve wanted to go on it since I met DPerk. I am having a blast because I get to see my sister. I am thrilled because I get to eat delicious food. I am excited because I get to see a new town, new culture, and a new way of life.

No French princes for me, thank you.

End rant.

Have a lovely day!



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