{Housing Type Thingies}



For those of you who know, my life is a little crazy right now: mostly coz i’m not quite sure where I’ll be living next September. I applied to grad schools and have yet to be accepted to one. Which, while terrifying, is exhilarating, and has really made my stand on my own two feet and has strengthened my sense of sense, my personal faith and beliefs, and my relationships for sure (my poor boyfriend and mother, good Lord, have both been on the receiving end of many tearful phone calls). I’ve watched far too much How I Met Your Mother and taken breaks from writing. I’m taking a very well timed vacation. I’ve gone shopping. I’ve gotten really good at self care. I’ve gotten pro at crying and looking like I haven’t been.

But through all of this, my friends, my family, and some wonderful institutions have really helped me to realize: I’m gonna be okay. Life may look completely crazy. And I may sob. But… at the end of it, I’ll be much better for that.

I hope you find the same.



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