{There Can Only Be One}


Happy Monday, loveliest humans!

I spent my Sunday afternoon hanging out at Central Florida’s Scottish festival. Yes, indeed, we do have one of those. It’s a bit pricey (admission is 15 on the cheap days), but really nifty: they have hurling, sheep throwing–no real sheep are used, clan tents, clan research, etc (I’m a Scott, myself, and one of the dudes I went with is a Keith). They have British food, Scottish food, Irish food, scotch tastings, whiskey tastings, and lots of people in kilts. Lots of people in kilts. Here, for instance, is me wearing the hat a friend of mine brought as part of his legitimate Scottish ensemble.

That said, I saw a lot of silly men in kilts. And apparently, you don’t wear underwear under kilts. Which, um, is awkward. Especially since it was very cold yesterday. . .

Enjoy your day!


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