{“Okay Google, Now. . .”}


Happy Monday everybody!

Technology is funny. Every time I get a new phone, I feel like Mrs. Patmore when she gets a blender (Downton Abbey’s finally back and can we just say the Bateses are ADORABLE?). I recently got a new Moto X, which I love; all the new settings are so cool and it helps that I’m a bigger google fan than I am an iOs. But in setting up the voice control settings, I didn’t realize the settings were adjusted such that google would pick up voice commands even when the phone was locked–I’ve since fixed this. This error resulted in my phone

-looking up stocks for Comcast

-butt dialing my father

-and interrupting several conversations

I took to yelling at it “NO ONE’S TALKING TO YOU GOOGLE!” much in the same way Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother yells “NOBODY ASKED YOU PATRICE!”

Hence this little Blob. Enjoy your day, lovelies!

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