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Happy day-after-the-day-after Christmas! I hope your Christmas (holiday, perhaps, for those of you otherwise inclined) was lovely! This particular post is inspired by the fantastic film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where the title character finds himself in an exceedingly awkward karaoke situation which ends heart warmingly and… oddly? With Ben Stiller jumping on a helicopter?

My family and I went to go see the film on Christmas Day (like you do), and I was thunderstruck for many reasons. First, because the last film Ben Stiller directed was the piece of self-indulgent crap that was Tropic Thunder (I guess it is an okay satire on movie stars who get too into their roles, but the value of the film stopped there for me). But it was also just so lovely: so elegantly written, directed, produced and acted. The creative skills of the  cast (Kristen Wiig was a for-sure fave, followed, surprisingly, by the ever-ridiculous Patton Oswalt) were shining, the word-to-cinematography play so fun, and the film-locations are just so dang pretty, you guys.

But for me, the topping feature was the authenticity of it: the awkwardness of trying to land a date after 30, the reality of letting your parents down – even if just about a piano being sold, and the heartbreak of discovering life, as you know it, is over and you have to craft a whole new life – all beautiful and so well handled by fantastic writers and cast. It was so delicate.

end rant. Enjoy your Friday, loves.

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