{Happy Chappy}


HEYYYYYY Blob readers! I’m back from grad school sabbatical! I also was out with a terrible stress cold from said grad school applications, and now I’m (mostly) back to normal.

I’m full of old family phrases that no one else knows or understands. For example, a large snack in between meals to tide one over until the next meal is a “holdjatil”. This has come to apply to other things, such as naps. To explain the above, “Happy Chappies up to no good” is a phrase my father says when he sees a buncha hoodlums–normally young teenage boys– just doing nothing, and probably nothing good. I realized the other day, when I said this, that no one else in the world knows what this means. Maybe it’ll catch on. I don’t know, it’s vintage, and my Grandmother used to say it. Isn’t that what you young kids like? You hipster children? Vintage crap? Yeah? Well, I got you a new vintage phrase for Christmas. What up.

Enjoy your day!



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