{Backing into a Parking Space}


Happy Monday, all my wonderful readers!

When I sit down to think of ideas for this blog, or indeed, any of my other projects–writing, art, cooking, typography, etc.–there are times when brilliant ideas come to me. Chicken soup with curry spices! Blob-o-ween! Death as a pregnant woman!

There are other times, however, when I am less than lucky, and at these times, I really have to think through my daily life for inspiration. It’s like having a bad case of writer’s block, the times when, really, all I can do is sit with pen in hand and just think. Luckily for me, I have lovely, creative people in my life, and life a pretty fulfilling day to day existence. But sometimes, there’s nothing. So I go through my daily routine in my head, and think what-if questions.

Like, what if, upon coming to work, and backing in to my normal parking space takes me an inordinately long time, because of an extremely inconsiderate leaf blower or other parker… what, even, does the Blob drive? (In earlier versions, he’s driven a scooter, which, despite terrible consequences, are a breeze to park.)

All that aside, I honestly wish you a lovely week. Enjoy your day.

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