{Blob-o-ween #9}


AHHHH! Happy Halloween!

This is so very exciting! I’ve wanted to make this joke since I came up with this whole Halloween idea! To be perfectly honest, I’ve never actually seen the old school Blob film (due to my complete aversion to horror films). But I love old movies, old cinema, and everything about the art which emerged from old Hollywood (I imagine early Hollywood as being a wonderful place full of dreams coming true, even though I know that’s not quite correct).

As stated, though I’ve never seen the movie (or the remake), I was well aware of the idea of the film–I think mostly thanks to Buggs Bunny cartoons. I was well aware when I named the comic and character himself that The Blob was already the title of a movie (and later, oddly a video game, but I think I got there before the video game). But I really didn’t care. I loved the name, and it was the only thing that fit.

But it’s so cool and fun to play on the doubling. And I think The Blob looks quite dashing. Additionally, I had a rip-roaring time copying the font for the movie poster.

That all said, enjoy your day! Be safe tonight, loves!


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