{Blob-o-ween #1}




Hello, darlings!! Happy October and happy soon-to-be-Halloween!


Growing up, we weren’t huge on Halloween. We went to Halloween fairs to play games and stay up late, which in my mind, was probably just as exciting. And we got probably more candy at this fair winning fair games (the kind of fair where they give you candy just for playing the game) than my friends did trick or treating. I always had a blast, honestly. I never really felt I missed out on much.


My college roommate, upon discovering I’d never been trick or treating, simply demanded we go to her childhood neighborhood and trick or treat anyway. Even though I was eighteen, she twenty, and her youngest sibling already sixteen, we went anyway.


It was a blast, but I still don’t regret my childhood Halloweens either. Several people have asked if I do–the answer is no. If there’s anything I wish, I wish that the innocence of Halloween could have been a little more exposed in my life. Not the icky-horror-movie-things-jumping-in-my-face Halloween (I don’t go to Halloween horror nights, I don’t do scary movies), but the mischief-silly-Halloween. The fall celebration type of Halloween, instead of the non-topic it was in my life.


In honor of this awesome month of autumn and the holiday filled with just the kind of mischief the Blob likes, each Blob this month will be echoing a classic Halloween costume.





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