{Vegan Off}




Happy Friday, darling people!

This strip is inspired by a conversation with my beautiful roommate, who studies in the field of counseling and mental health. She’s one of the smartest and most genuine people I know. That said, it’s very interesting for the both of us to observe the eating habits of most people she works and studies with–a grand majority of them are vegan, paleo, or vegetarian.  I agree, in most cases, this is a very healthy way to eat.

However! (You knew it was coming.) There’s something to be said for the fact I have yet to go to a Whole Foods without remarking on how snobby it all feels. Extra filtered quinoa? Veggie burgers with extra protein? SEVEN GRAIN BREAD? What’s wrong with five grains? Why do we need the extra grains?

This is not a “I think healthy eating and every thing about it is a scam” post. It’s merely a “come on, why are you paying five whole dollars for something that you could make yourself just as healthfully at home.” Not all health food is silly or a money trap, but I can filter my quinoa just fine, thank you.

Additionally, this post has been inspired by this music video.


Enjoy your day, you creative, interesting people you.

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