Ok, let me take that back. I get twerking. It’s another development in the phenomenon of sex as dance, a tendency that goes back a lot farther than people think (previous to the Puritanical Victorians, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of scandalous dancing in the French and English courts of the 1500s. . . the Tudors make more sense that way).

That said, twerking isn’t even sexy. It’s… bouncing. It’s comical looking, to be perfectly honest. If I want sexy dancing, I’m watching salsa, belly dancing, or Irish step dancing (hey. Takes skill to kick that high). Not… bouncing booties.

But then, I’m odd.


So I’m taking back the term: Too Wonderful, Even Knighted Individuals Need Grandmas.

Because everyone needs a Grandma.

Happy Friday!


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