Hiya folks, Happy Monday!

So today’s comic is inspired by a series of insomniac nights lately. Those of you who know me personally know that sleep, and my love of it, is only topped by my love of food and art. So lately, when I’ve been waking up two, three, four hours before my alarm (or, in Saturday’s case, before the alarm that wasn’t going to go off because it was a SATURDAY).

So I get productive. . . for about two hours. And then, then I feel gross. The awesome rush of energy which lets me often get stuff done–running, papers, grad school looking, etc.–then tapers off into feeling sick to my stomach and icky.

And then I have days like today where I am high on caffeine and the promise of a great afternoon. So, it’s taking the good days with the bad.

Enjoy your day–and your night.



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