Hi there, everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely summer– fall is on its way and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Ikea is a beautiful thing. Recently, I bought a bed. My first bed. The first bed I’ve bought with my own money that was not handed down from an older sibling or that my darling parents got me.

And, even though I knew I wanted a bed. . . I was in the store. . . for TWO HOURS. Granted, it was a Sunday, so there were crowds, and we had lunch at the amazing Ikea restaurant (no horse jokes, please) and my little sister wanted to look at other stuff too, but there is so much to look for/at/in.

But, you guys… after those two hours… I was EXHAUSTED. Like, mega exhausted. Like I wanted to go eat a whole buncha sugar and then sugar crash and take a really good nap exhausted. Because the process of going through that store, making all those choices (mattress, bed frame, slats or box frame) jeez, it’s so much. And then, there’s all the bright colors and the cool Swedish letters everywhere and my family is Swedish and why don’t I know more about my heritage and all these people are mortals so what are they going to do with all of this furniture and will there someday be such a thing as an Ikea heirloom and…

…you know, maybe my brain is just exhausting.

Regardless, you lovely, gorgeous mortal people with likes, dislikes, and bizarre thoughts-Enjoy your day.


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