{Hey Soul Sister}


Hiya, friends!

After lifting myself out of a creative-life-getting-to-be-overwhelming cloud, I return with real good comics. (Or at least I like to think so.)

First of all, I’d like to comment on LOLspeak. It’s like language. It’s fine if you use it when necessary. But the “SMH (shaking my head) LOL (laughing out loud)” phenomenon is so degrading to current language. And yes, language is evolutionary and that’s lovely, but three-letter acronyms aren’t language, nor should they be.

But, the Blob likes to poke at these things and meditate.

Additionally, Soul SISTER? Ew. If someone calls me sister, please don’t then try to hit on me. That’s… gross. But that song vastly increased Mr. Mister sales, so that’s ROCKING.

All of that said, enjoy your day, you lovely human beings you.


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